Welcome to Anderson Manor Gardens

Anderson Manor is a Grade I listed manor house in Dorset and has been our family home for the past 45 years.  When we first came here, we found gardens which had been allowed to fall into gentle decline and it was evident that we had a massive restoration task on our hands.  Fortunately, the remnants of the box and yew topiary were salvageable but the one acre walled garden was head-high in thistles and brambles and little remained of the old orchard.  All in all quite a challenge!  Over the years we have gradually restored the remains of the old and created several new gardens.

The house is never open to the public but we do enjoy sharing the fruits of our labours in the gardens with like-minded enthusiasts.  We welcome visits from groups of twelve or more and in the past have been pleased to accept requests from horticultural societies, gardening clubs, art groups, U3A, Women’s Institutes and people with a specific interest in 16th and 17th Century architecture and historic gardens.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a member of a group and would like to arrange a garden visit.

Thank you for your interest in Anderson Manor.

– – –

“It is such a wonderful garden, surrounding such an historic and gorgeous house, in some amazing English countryside with a dreamy, lived-in feel to it.”

European Boxwood & Topiary Society

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